process costing vs job costing

A job costing system is used by companies that produce unique products or jobs. Process costing systems track costs by processing department, whereas job costing systems track costs by job. For example, a company manufactures custom prefabricated stairs for builders. Since each house is slightly different, each house gets measured, and each staircase has slightly different widths, rises, and runs to fit the unique home.

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While making drumsticks may sound simple, an immense amount of technology is involved. Rock City Percussion makes 8,000 hickory sticks per day, four days each week. The sticks made of maple and birch are manufactured on the fifth day of the week. It is difficult to tell the first drumstick made on Monday from the 32,000th one made on Thursday, so a computer matches the sticks in pairs based on the tone produced. This is a problem because the management of a company is left with inadequate information. This costing technique is not relevant in some environments like the software industry which has no direct costs but many development costs. The relevant manufacturing overhead for the job is done by the use of a rate that is predetermined.

Process Costing vs. Job Order Costing Systems & Examples

With processing, it is difficult to establish how much of each material, and exactly how much time is in each unit of finished product. This will require the use of the equivalent unit computation, and management selects the method that best fits their information system. Texas Monthly reports that Sandy found a way to write unapproved checks in the accounting system. He implemented his accounting system and created checks that were “signed” by the owner of the company, Bob McNutt. McNutt was perplexed as to why his bakery was not more profitable year after year.

What companies use job costing and process costing?

  • Retail companies.
  • Law firms and accounting businesses.
  • Medical services.
  • Film studios.
  • Construction companies.

As against this, WIP will always be present, irrespective of the quantity, in the beginning, or at the end of the accounting period, in process costing. A costing technique, which is used to calculate the cost of each process is known as Process Costing. Here process refers to a separate stage where production is performed to convert the raw material into an another identifiable form. Process Costing is used in the industry where identical products are produced in huge quantities. Although job order costing measures the cost of each individual job, process costing measures the cost of work actually done on WIP during a period. Process costing, on the other hand, accumulates costs by department.

What is Process costing?

For example, in a job order cost system, each job is unique, which allows management to establish individual prices for individual projects. Costing techniques are very important to the business management because they help them make sound decisions for the company.

This is because other variances will arise during the project and can only be accounted for at that time. For example, they may find that the entire plumbing system for one house is damaged. This means they may have to replace it, further increasing costs.

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It is generally used when like units are to be manufactured, that too in a continuous flow. Job costing and process costing are two commonly used cost allocation methods. The process costing vs job costing objectives of the two are largely similar in nature; the difference between job costing and process costing exists depending on the nature of organizations who use them.

process costing vs job costing

One product is produced all the time, or for an extended period of time and every unit is identical. Depending on the industry you are in, there will be a variety of materials which are important in completing your work effectively. Some things are obvious, for example the construction materials required for a building project, or physical supplies needed to carry out your design project.

Cost Accounting

The type of costing method you use depends on the type of business you’re running. While the costing systems are different from each other, management uses the information provided to make similar managerial decisions, such as setting the sales price.

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